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2015 Trilogy Challenge!

2015 Trilogy Challenge

2015 Wichita Trilogy Challenge

This a flex event with multiple divisions – July 5th @ Oak Park –¬†Flex Times from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Last Tee Time)¬†Payout will occur once the last group has finished

$30 Players Pack and Trilogy Entry
$5 Flex Entry
$1 Ace

Divisions will include
Pro, Advanced, Intermediate, Rec

Just as last year, players first round will be the qualifier for the Trilogy Challenge Score as well as a Flex score. Players can play multiple rounds, with those additional rounds counting only toward you Flex results. Secondary rounds only cost $5 entry and $1 ace.

Players Packs Include:
1- Westside Elasto Sampo
1- DD Fuzion Evidence
1- Lat64 Retro Macana
1- Trilogy Mini
1- Mini Clipboard
1- Mini Sharpie
1- Trilogy Scorecard and Pencil

Top Scores in Each Division of the “Trilogy Challenge” will receive:

(1) Golf Bag, (3) Golf Discs (Driver, MidRange, Putter), and a few other Duck’s Items! Plus a Free Entry into the ACDGC Round Up disc golf tournament in November!!

Flex will be paid out in normal Flex payout of 100% or more!

Preregister by Friday July 3, 2015 and be entered into a drawing for a free entry into the “2015 Keeper of the Chains”

Can’t wait to see you all!!!! Call us in the shop to preregister today!!!!

Duck’s Flying Discs
(316) 765-2334

The Tempest Disc Golf Women’s Inaugural Tournament!

Saturday July 11th the Tempest DGW will host a Ladies Tourament at Camp Hiawatha Disc Golf Course

Tempest Golf Tournament


2 thoughts on “Featured Events:

  1. I’m curious about which course configurations the advanced senior grand masters played in the tournament. White, blue, red or black?


    1. Jerry, the advanced senior grand masters, and the rest of the field all played the same configurations.
      The way we name our configurations in Wichita dates prior to PDGA definitions utilizing dual (or multiple) tee pads/baskets)

      Red refers to the alternation between long tees on odd numbered holes and short on even numbered, Blue is the opposite. A refers to long pin placement, B to short and now we include CH for Championship pin location which may not be included on all holes but when one of them is in that position they all are, and the remaining pins are in their A position. We call that our CH or Championship pin configuration.

      Now, this weekend at the 2015 Doo Dah we only had the Championship configuration available at Oak, following our recent upgrade to the course. Herman Hill park was set up with all 18 pins in the long position.
      Adv. Senior Grandmasters, and all but advanced ams and open, played Blue A followed by Red A on Saturday. Then they played Blue CH followed by Red Ch on Sunday.

      The toughest course at Oak that we can set up at this time will be playing from all long tees to CH configuration pins and when we get tee signs in all long tees will also be designated as Gold so we offer Gold CH. I don’t have the total footage for that configuration handy right now.

      I believe have given more information than you needed to answer your question. But, I wanted to be sure you understood our configurations and engage in a bit of self promotion for the club as we continue working to improve the disc golf experience in Wichita and the surrounding area Thanks for coming out and playing the Doo Dah Open

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